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by June A. Gosnell


There is references to a “few” Jesse Gosnell’s. All seemed to have lived in the Baltimore County area.
There also could be more Jesse’s? Some also may be related? In one of the early Jesse’s Gosnell, he refers to his “Uncle Lemuel W. Gosnell”. I have never saw any actual reference to the Jesse Gosnell, other then that he married Rebecca Stocksdale, 9 October, 1812. Both the Gosnell’s and Stocksdale’s seemed to have lived in the same general area of a section of Soldier’s Delight, in Reisterstown, Maryland. Rebecca was the daughter of; Edmund Howard Stocksdale and Naomi (Evans) Stocksdale. If this Jesse is the same Jesse listed in the Shirk book? He would have at least been born c. 1791 (or before?) To have been married to Rebecca by 1812?

There are cemetery records for this family at Mt. Olivet Cemetery located on Frederick Road, in Baltimore Maryland (city). There are a few’ Jesse’s also buried there, all may be related to each other?

If I had to guess the actual date of death for this Jesse, I could only venture a guess? If he was in the War, I do not know?? His plot is listed as “old” but there is no actual date on it (or even if? he is in fact buried there)? Think he died between 1840 or 1830? and even in 1850. There is only ‘one’ Jesse Gosnell, that I found in the 1840 U.S. Census, and he and his family lived in Anne Arundel Co. This Jesse in the census is listed as “GOSWELL”.

I have Baltimore City Directories, which I have from 1847 and whether it does list Jesse before this date, I don’t know, and I have not looked before 1847. The Directory does not list Jesse for this year. But, it does list a Rebecca and she lives at 278 Mulberry Street, if this is his “widow”, than I would have to guess that he died before this time? Because these directories were probably made a year before the names were listed ?

In the reference to the John Wesley Gosnell (who I wrote about in the last issue), he was one of the nine children of Jesse and Rebecca? I only have seven children accounted for, for this couple, there could be more?).Many of the Stocksdales are buried in Lutheran cemetery in Reisterstown, but there, too, is a branch of Stocksdale’s who went west. There are a few marriages between early Stocksdale’s and early Gosnell’s.

REFERENCE Will of William Gosnell, Sr., 1762-Balto. Co., to my daughter Sarah Stocksdale.

Edmund Stocksdale = Naomi Evans, 26 November, 1789 (marriage returns of Rev, Lewis Richards, Pastor of the First Bap. Cb., of Baltimore), (1784-1818).

Jesse Gosnell = Rebecca Stocksdale (St Paul’s Parish, Baltimore) 9, Oct. 1812.

There are so many things of this family? Did all of the children have middle names?

For example Lemuel Ward, Wm. Philip, if we only knew them all? It sure would clear up a lot of questions?

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If Jesse and Rebecca married in 1812, there is the time for two children, at least before 1820 1., 2., 3., John Wesley, b. 17 Apr. 1820; 4., Naomi, b. ca. 1820 (age 30 in the 1850 census); 5, 6 Quincey Adams, 20; b. 16 Aug. 1828; 7., Elizabeth, b.c. 1830 (age 20 in the 1850 census) 8., Ann, b.c. 1830, (age 20 in the 1830 census) ,9., Jesse Talbott, b. 1833.

In the 1850 census of Maryland, it lists the 19th ward, 6 July 1850. Rebecca Gosnell, 57, Naomi, 30, Arthur McLean, 26, Quincey A., 20, Elizabeth, 20, and Ann Gosnell, age 20 you will note all the children are 20?

Quincy Adams Gosnell was in the 1880 census as being 74 years old, he then was in the Union District and he was a lodger in the home of Jacob Oslar. Quincy A., was in the Civil War, Co. G., Third Md. Reg. U.S.V. and is buried in Baltimore National Cemetery.


In 1764, the present town of Reisterstown, John Reister patented 3/4 acres of land under the name of “Church Hill”, for a church and a graveyard. A log church was eventually built in the northeast corner of the lot and was known as the Lutheran Church of Reisterstown. Both the church and the cemetery were free to all people. While today the cemetery is known as Lutheran. It is and possibly always will be opened to all dominations as community cemetery. There are 476 stones and 625 burials in this cemetery.

Some folks buried there are:

Naomi Stocksdale, d. 11 Nov. 1868 in her 87th year.
Edmund H. Stocksdale, d. 15 May 1856, aged 78 yrs. 6ms., 25 days.
Thomas Gosnell, b. 20 Oct. 1797 d. 24 Sept. 1869
Mary Gosnell, b. 20 May 1801 d. 29 Nov. 1885 At rest.


Thomas Gosnell formerly of Reisterstown, Maryland. Died on 24 Sept. 1869, in his 72nd year. Funeral from 210 E. Madison St., Baltimore. Burial in Lutheran Cemetery in Reisterstown. Baltimore, Sunpaper 25 Sept. 1869, not in the Maryland Journal-Towson. He could be a brother or in the Gosnell/ Ward family, but I have no proof but the time is correct.

Mary Gosnell, Baltimore In her 84th year of age, relict of Thomas Gosnell, formerly of Reisterstown. Burial in Lutheran Cemetery in Reisterstown. (In Baltimore County Union; Towson, 5 Dec. 1885).

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(1820) Balto Co., 2m-10, lm.16-26 im. 26-45, 2f,-l0, lf.26-45.
(1830): 1m. S;1m. 5-10, lm. 10-15, lm. 40-50, 1f. -5, 1f- 10-15, 1f. 30-40, if. 50-60.

(1820) Jesse is 26-45; 1830 Jesse 40-50; (Philip and Mary his parents married, July 1786, therefore Jesse b. abt. 1787-90?) 1.) In 1820, Jesse has a male living with him, age 16-26, in the household. This could be a brother, a brother-in-law, or someone related living with him? Jesse and Rebecca had four children by the year 1820, 2 sons and 2 daughters, born bet. 1812 and 1820. 2.) In 1830, the oldest son and daughter are not in the household, the daughter could have married.

The son has either died, or is living with someone else?.) Naomi, if she is the one who married Evan McKenzie in 1860, and if Naomi was b.c. 1815, she would of been 40-45 when she married and probably didn’t have any children? Therefore the niece who married Edward Penniman was most likely a niece to this Naomi? 4.) George Tevis, think he went by Tevis. he lived on the same street, next door to his mother Rebecca on Mulberry St ... The George T. buried at Mt. Olivet had a son named William Evans Gosnell and one named Jesse Gosnell.


B.C. 1787-1790, in Balto. Co., Md., m. 9 Oct. 1812, St. Paul’s Parish, Rebecca (Stocksdale), b. 22 Aug. 1793, Balto. Co., Md. d. 17 Feb. 1875. His parents? Philip Gosnell and Mary (Ward)? Her parents Edmund H. Stocksdale and Naomi (Evans).

Known children of Jesse and Rebecca:

1. f.---b. c. 1813-1815

2. m.--b.c.,1813-1815

3. Naomi, b. 1815 1820; m. Evan McKenzie, d. 28, Jan. 1872, bur. Mt. Olivet.

4. John Wesley Gosnell, b. 17 Apr. 1820, m. 2-2-1843, Leitchfield, Grayson Co., Ky., Sarah Jane Thomas.

5. George Tevis Gosnell, b. 1822, m. 22 Sept. 1844, d. 24 June 1870, bur. Mt. Olivet m. Christina (Mason)

6. f.--

7. Quincy Adams Gosnell, (never married); b. 16 Oct. 1828, d. 26 Oct. 1912, bur: Balto) Nat. cemetery.,

8. Ann Rebecca Gosnell, b. 1831, m. 23 Oct. 1851, d. 29-7-1892, m. Edward A. Bailey.

9. Jesse Talbott Gosnell, b. 1833, m.
(1) 13 Dec. 1855, Mary Louisa McKenzie = Mckinzie, m.
(2) (widow) Sallie (Derrin) Lee, d. 17 Nov. 1902. (her first husband’s
name was Luther they had “two known” children)

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Someone had mentioned that a 1858 Balto. City Directory, identified Rebecca as a widow of Jesse Gosnell (the Baltimore City Directories did not pick up the widows till later years in the books).

The directory show that Rebecca lived with or just next door to one of her sons: Quincy Adams Gosnell and Jesse T. Gosnell on Preston Street. Neither the cemetery records or her death notice call her anything but Rebecca, so I would assume (for now) that her name was Rebecca, not Mary Rebecca?



Lot Holder Jessie Gosnell  Lot sold: 12 Dec. 1860:

23 Nov. 1860- (Child), (child), 21 Apr. 1864,

25 Sept. 1874, Harry S. Gosnell; 5 Sept. 1874, Mary Louisa Gosnell;

17 Nov. 1902, Jesse T. Gosnell; 21 July 1875, William E. Gosnell,

2 April, 1899, Emma W. Lee, 19 June 1936, Jesse Gosnell.

The child was moved 21 Apr. 1854 to section M, the child’s name was Evan McKenzie. There is a burial date of 21 Nov. 1860 and it is a child named Jesse J. Gosnell who is 19 mon. old.

Lot Holder - Aim Bailey: (Bailey & Gosnell)

Buried there are

Susan Whalen, 24 July 1872

Rebecca Gosnell, Feb. 1875

John W. Bailey, 11 Jan. 1879

Ann R. Bailey, 29 July 1892

Thomas S. Bailey, 22 Oct. 1850

Sally M. Ford, 18 July, 1851

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Sunpaper 18 February 1875 In News American 10 Feb 1875


Fell asleep in Jesus, on the 17th of Feb. 1875, Rebecca Gosnell in her 82nd year of age. (Louisville Ky., and Nashville papers please copy). Her soul is now taken it’s flight, to mansions of glory above, to mingle with angels of light and dwell in the kingdom of love, then let us forbear to complain, that she is now gone from our sight. We shall behold her again with new and eternal delight. The relatives and friends of the family are respectively invited to attend her funeral tomorrow (Fri. Morn. 19 Feb., at 11 am, from her late residence 125 Preston St.)


27 May, 1868, (child), 25 June 1870, Geo. T. Gosnell,

29 Apr. 1877, Jacob Mason,

12 July, Jacob H. Sheffard, 28 Feb, 1878, Mary A. Sheffard,

8 Mar. 1880, Jessie A. Gosnell, 20 Sept. 1880 (child),

14 Dec. 1884, John W. Gosnell, 17 Nov. 1891, Christian Gosnell,

George W. Gosnell (no date)